TECNOglas specifications



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After removing the protective PE film, the acrylic surface is still sensitive and:

a) Solvents from the adhesive coating of the protective film, which are located in the surface, are escaping.

b) The acrylic surface is hygroscopic and only hardens on exposure further. Curing takes about 1 week. To speed up the process, you should wet the surface with water or clean them with a 1% soap solution with a soft cloth.


Product Care Information

Preserve the beauty of your furniture and cabnitary by caring for it properly. Cleaning TECNOGLAS is simple:

➔ Clean the surfaces with a soft cloth and 1% soap suds.

➔ Rinse with clear water and dry the surface with a micro-fibre cloth or any soft cloth.


Important note!

No abrasive cleaning products should be used to compromise the brilliance of the surface.

➔ Do not use any abrasive agents or agents containing alcohol, which is often found in glass cleaners (e.g. glass cleaner, ethyl alco-hol, Nitro solution or Trichloroethylene).

➔ Furniture polish or “Tisch-Finish 2” (preservative agents for solid wood work tops) form a film and are therefore not suited.

Damage caused by improper cleaning will not be accepted as manufacturers fault.

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